OBD TWO SCAN was established on August 17, 2022, with engineers who are passionate about researching and repairing European and Asian car models.

1.Reason for establishment:

  • The OBD TWO SCAN brand was founded by the enthusiasm of engineers who wanted to exchange experiences and provide the best diagnostic equipment and software.

2.Establishment goal:

  • Connecting auto repair engineers to share experience in repairing and diagnosing, coding car programming.

3.Brand identity:

  • IDEA: Formed from the name OBD TWO SCAN
Image 1: Logo design sketch
Image 1: Logo design sketch
Image 2: Logo OBD TWO SCAN 2D
  • To build an auto repair ecosystem, we need the help and support of auto repair engineers a lot.
  • Help me share OBD TWO SCAN to more people to know, and share knowledge or meaning.
    Thank you very much!

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