Activate PORSCHE car features with PIWIS

Activate PORSCHE car features with PIWIS
1. Connect the PIWIS diagnostic tool to the OBD-II port of your Porsche.
2. Turn on the ignition and select the “Handover” function on the PIWIS diagnostic tool.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transfer process. This may include confirming the customer’s name, address and contact information.
4. Verify that all optional accessories and features installed on the vehicle are activated and working properly.
5. Confirm that all warning lights and messages have been removed from the control panel.
6. Check that the vehicle’s software and firmware are up to date and apply any necessary updates.
7. Use the PIWIS diagnostic tool to perform a final system check to ensure that all systems are working properly.
8. Provide the customer with a detailed handover report, including any necessary repairs or maintenance performed, and an explanation of how to use the vehicle’s features and functions.

Note that the handover process may vary depending on the specific Porsche model and the requirements of the dealer or service center. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and procedures for a successful transfer.

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