Coded diagnostic system Porsche piwis 3

Coded diagnostic system Porsche piwis 3
1. Connect vehicle;

2.If the connection is successful, there will be a USB connection status on the computer;

3.Click “Diagnostics”-”Continue”(When the Porsche car ignition is on, it can automatically determine the model. If it is a Porsche before 2010, you need to use piwis2 or other diagnostic software 😉

4. Read all ECUs of Porsche cars, then you can choose one of them;”coding programming”, you can code your ecu;

Hopefully, the article on OBD TWO SCAN has provided useful information for customers to understand somewhat about Porsche piwis 3 Diagnostic System Coding. Please follow the articles on OBD TWO SCAN to know more types. diagnostic machine as well as knowledge about Cars.Thank you for taking the time to read the article!







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