DTS Monaco 8.16 with VXDIAG

DTS Monaco 8.16 with VXDIAG
First connect vcx. Connect vcx se or c6 vci to laptop. Install and activate DTS 8.16. Run vx manager. Xentry VCI driver update

Select Xentry VCI version according to your xentry version
if the correct VCI version is not found, leave it blank

Connected device
Make sure you have the Passthru and C6 drivers well installed.

Go to the folder you downloaded and copy this file (slave)
Copy and paste the slave file into the folder C:/Program Files (x86)/Softing/Diagnostic Tool Set 8/8.16/Interfaces/DCDI30

Running DTS Monaco 8.16

Open Administration and management of DTS . projects

Open Administration and management of DTS . projects
Go to System Settings- CBF Interface
Select eCOM_CBF (DCDiPartP)

In the Interface section, select the VXDIAG interface (J2534)

Add new interface: VXDIAG
and select D-PDU API

Click Next
Complete the following information
D-PDU API Version: Bosch D_PDU_API_Bosch_MTS6532
Module: Module_Type_ID_MTS6532
Vendor module name: 87517478
Tick Use for permission Save

Hopefully, the article on OBD TWO SCAN has provided useful information for customers to understand somewhat about DTS Monaco 8.16 with VXDIAG. Follow the articles on OBD TWO SCAN to know more about diagnostic machines as well as Automotive knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to read this article!









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