How to renew Benz FBS4 VGSNAG2 TCU with AVDI Programmer

Start with opening the AVDI Mercedes software and make sure you have connected and powered the TCU.

Then select “XE”, the software will not recognize the vehicle when working on the bench.

We don’t know the VIN number, so we enter XXX205 and X at the end of the VIN number field and press “Enter” on the keyboard to search.”205″ is for the C-Class model.

You can also directly select the Electronic Control Unit
Select “ECU Selection”, then enter the type in “VGSNAG2” and press “Enter”
Click the “SCAN ALL” button to continue

This is the VGS3_0403 Variant of the TCU, then enter the TCU by clicking on it.

Now you can click on the “FBS4 Manager” button on the left side options

Now you can proceed with the renewal process, click the “Reset/Refresh” button

Please wait to continue…
Note: Do not turn off the power or stop the process! This may damage the electronic control unit

Now it will prompt you “FBS4 reset completed successfully!”

Now you go back to FBS4 manager to check the TCU status.
FBS Pers Status Check is “No”, which means it is not personalized and intact.

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