Mercedes-Benz Oil Reset by Xentry Diagnostic Software

Mercedes-Benz Oil Reset by Xentry Diagnostic Software
Step 1. Scan
First, we choose the vehicle type.
Mercedes-Benz>>Celebration car>>A/B>>CLA(118)
Click “XENTRY Diagnostics”.
Here we tick “Automatically start a quick test”.
Also, when it connects to the car, the voltage is 11.8V and the ignition is on.

Then it automatically scans all control units.
48 error codes we have.

Double-click it and use the filter to show the controls with errors.

Step 2. Reset
We want “Instrument Assembly (IC)”, so let’s zoom in on it.
Operation>>Maintenance>>Reset General Maintenance
Here we have Service code, Workshop code, number of days left and distance to next maintenance.

So click the “Reset General Maintenance” wrench icon.
Take a look, change the code and reset the maintenance time and date.

Step 3.Verify
Select “Confirm general maintenance”.
Click the “Confirm General Maintenance” wrench icon to verify.

Also we can go to “Real Value”>>”Next Service” to check again.
Then go back to the scan menu to “delete error memory”.

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