Volvo PTT gas pedal test for Volvo FMX 440
Connect the Volvo diagnostic interface to the Volvo FMX 440 truck, then run the Volvo PTT software.
Click “Test”–>”27 Engine control”
Select “Galaxy, check”, then press “Start”

Click “OK” to continue

If you have access to “Gas, check”, click the “Start” button

Here in the diagram, the shaded in blue is the graph for the accelerator pedal position from 0-100%

Then for the red graph is for the inactive switch 1.
So here there are only two positions named position 0 and 1.
If the position is zero, the “standby switch” is not active and if the position is one, the “standby switch” is already active.

Idle switch 1 will be activated when the accelerator pedal position is between 8-13%
When the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, the position of the accelerator pedal is at 100%.
If it shows below 100%, then the gas pedal needs to be fixed.

Next is the position of the gas pedal not stepping up, it shows the gas pedal position at 0%.

After checking the accelerator pedal, check the box “OK”, then click the “Stop” button

And get rid of it.

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