Product warranty policy depends on the warranty conditions of that product at the time of invoice to the customer, different types of products will have different warranty policies.
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1.1 Hardware
1.1.1 Hardware includes: Equipment, boxes, accessories, gifts.
1.1.2 Warranty period is 180 days from the time of receiving the product.
1.1.3 Returns due to manufacturer defects within 7 days from the time of receiving the product.
1.2 Software
1.2.1 Warranty period of 730 days for both parties to confirm that the software has worked well
1.2.2 Software includes: Windows, drivers, software suites, individual software.
1.3 Notes
1.3.1 In case of warranty or replacement of a new product, the warranty period of the product remains unchanged
2.1 Hardware
2.1.1 The product is in the warranty period
2.1.2 The product is damaged due to the fault of the manufacturer
2.1.3 Warranty stamps, sealing stamps must be intact, not erased, torn.
2.1.4 In all cases the product must be intact, with no signs of impact or removal.
2.1.5 The serial number on the product must match the serial number on the warranty card.
2.1.6 The customer must contact the service support department to check and confirm the error and condition of the goods before shipping to the warehouse for warranty.
2.2 Software
2.2.1 The product is in the warranty period
2.2.2 The software is not faulty due to conflicts from other self-installed customer software.
2.2.3 In the process of using the software, the customer must make sure not to arbitrarily do the following: Do not arbitrarily update or reinstall windows Do not disassemble or replace the hard drive with a new one during the use of the software Do not arbitrarily upgrade the firmware Do not use the software to connect with more devices than the original Do not arbitrarily upgrade the software version.
2.2.4 Customer must contact service support to check and confirm to ensure software failure is not caused by external factors listed in section
3.1 Main equipment: still as new, no scratches, no decals, decorations, etc.
3.2 Box: Like new, not dented, torn, broken, written, drawn, wrapped with tape; The serial number on the box matches the device body.
3.3 Accessories, gifts: Full, intact, not dented, scratched, damaged during use.
3.4 If the machine does not power on or the fault cannot be determined, the machine must be transferred to the company’s Warranty Center for evaluation before making a decision to exchange or return goods.
3.5 Still have full warranty card (if any) and accompanying accessories (10% of invoice value if lost accessories).
3.6 Manufacturer errors are errors including: Power failure, mainboard failure, hard drive, screen and internal hardware components. For example: Striped screen, device cannot connect, lost touch, etc.
3.7 Note :
3.7.1 You need to contact our customer service to let us know your problem. What’s wrong with your item and what do you want us to do for you.
3.7.2 After you confirm the return to us, please use regular airmail or EMS to return it and send it to the address provided by our customer service. Please do not use DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT or any other courier, as we cannot receive your item back, we will not be responsible for it.
3.7.3 All returns for refunds or exchanges must be made within 14 days. In addition, we cannot provide these two policies.

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