HHT-WIN Mercedes is diagnostic software for older car models from 2000 and earlier. It can diagnose and read all modules. If you often have to repair old cars, using this software is necessary.

1.Detailed information about HHT-WIN Mercedes software:

  • Name: HHT-WIN
  • Mercedes software version: 3.1.4
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Capacity: Just download 500 MB, 3 GB installed with HHT-WIN windows 10. 14GB version will install on virtual machine
  • Supported car models: Mercedes models from 2000 and earlier.
  • HHT-WIN Mercedes functions:
  • Below are the functions of this software:
  • Diagnose
  • Reading error
  • Main functional group: Gasoline engine (HFM, ME2, ME1RE, ME1LI, LH1, LH2, EZ1, EZ2, DM, EFP, TPM, ISC, GM); Chassis, Body, Climate Control
  • HFM function: Control device version, Error memory, Actual value, Operation, Control module adaptation….

2. Instructions for installing HHT-WIN Mercedes software

Step 1: Turn off the anti-virus program as well as Windows Defender so that the file is not deleted during the extraction process!
** Run the .exe file and if you don’t see anything, “Right click on the file” and select “Run as administrator”!
** You should use IDM to download quickly! If you find it interesting, you can buy the copyright to support the producer!

3. To understand and get more details, watch the live video here:

It is recommended that you work in offline mode (turn off the internet) when using the software’s programs, which are heavily controlled by their servers.
To change the language, go to the options interface and select a language of your choice. Once completed, restart the software.

4. High Speed Link:

DOWNLOAD HHTWIN windows10 64bit software. Password: GET IT HERE

5. Contact support with OBD TWO SCAN specialist

If customers have any questions, please contact directly on the OBD TWO SCAN forum and a 24/7 consultant will respond quickly and guide you in detail:
– WhatsApp: +14012393496
– Youtube: OBD 2 Professional
– Facebook: OBD TWO SCAN

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