How to Manually Calibrate Yaw Rate Acceleration Sensor for Toyota 4Runner

This article shows how to manually calibrate the Topocs Yaw Rate sensor for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner. And if the 4Runner is equipped with a DAC, we must complete step 4 or 5 otherwise the car will report an error code. and the ESP indicator will always be lit.
– While calibrating, keep the vehicle stationary and do not vibrate, tilt, move or shake (do not start the engine).
– Be sure to perform this procedure on a flat surface (with an incline of less than 1%).

Delete zero point correction data
1.Turn off the key switch.
2.Check if the steering wheel is centered.
3. Check if the gear lever is in position P.
4.Turn the ignition switch to ON.
5. The ABS warning light and the ESP light come on for 3 seconds to indicate that the initial check is complete.
6.Using the power cord, connect and disconnect pins 12 (TS) and 4 (CG) of the OBD2 jack – 4 or more times within 8 seconds.
7. Check if the ESP indicator light is on

Perform zero point calibration of yaw rate sensor and YAW RATE acceleration sensor
1.Turn off the key switch.
2.Check to see if the steering wheel is straight.
3. Check if the gear lever is in position P.
– Error codes 36 (Undo zero correction of displacement speed sensor) and 39 (Undo zero correction of acceleration sensor) are stored if the gear lever is not in position P.
– If the DTC output indicates zero calibration is not complete, repeat the procedure starting from the step of clearing zero calibration data and system information.
4.Using SST, connect terminals 12 (TS) and 4 (CG) of DLC3.
5.Turn the ignition switch to ON.
6.Keep the vehicle stationary on a flat surface for 5 seconds or more.
7.Check that the slide indicator lights up for a few seconds and then flashes in test mode pattern (0.125 seconds on and 0.125 seconds off).
– If the slide indicator does not flash, perform ZERO point calibration.
– Adjust ZERO point. is performed only once after the system enters test mode.
– ZERO point calibration cannot be performed again until the stored data is erased.
8.Turn off the ignition switch and disconnect the SST from the DLC3.
Drive at a speed of 40 km/h or more for at least 10 seconds. (I can’t do this mission, just drive around)

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