BMW programming with WINKFP

WINKFP (Winkfp Toolset) is a software application used by BMW technicians and enthusiasts for programming and updating software in BMW vehicles. It stands for “Werkzeug zum Importieren von Konfigurationen und Programmieren,” which translates to “Tool for importing configurations and programming” in English. WINKFP is often used in conjunction with BMW’s ICOM diagnostic tool and ISTA (Integrated Service Technical Application) for diagnostics and programming.

Here are the general steps for programming a BMW using WINKFP:

  1. Prepare the Hardware and Software:
    • Ensure you have a compatible BMW diagnostic interface, such as BMW ICOM.
    • Install the necessary drivers for the diagnostic interface.
    • Install WINKFP and configure it properly. You may need to set up the communication settings, like IP address and port for ICOM.
  2. Connect the Diagnostic Interface:
    • Connect the diagnostic interface to your vehicle’s OBD-II port and to your computer.
    • Power on the vehicle, but do not start the engine.
  3. Launch WINKFP:
    • Start the WINKFP software on your computer.
  4. Select Your Vehicle and Update Data:
    • Choose the appropriate vehicle model and series from the menu.
    • Update the data files if required. WINKFP relies on up-to-date data files to perform programming tasks.
  5. Choose Programming Options:
    • Select the specific control module or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) you want to program. This could be for tasks like updating firmware, coding new features, or performing adaptations.
    • Choose the desired programming or coding option.
  6. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    • WINKFP will guide you through the programming or coding process step by step. It may prompt you to turn the ignition on or off at certain points.
  7. Programming/Coding Process:
    • WINKFP will communicate with the selected control module and perform the programming or coding task as per your instructions.
    • Be patient and avoid interrupting the process, as interrupting programming could lead to problems.
  8. Completion and Verification:
    • Once the programming is complete, WINKFP will display a message indicating success or failure.
    • Verify that the changes have been successfully implemented by checking the relevant vehicle functions.
  9. Disconnect and Exit:
    • Safely disconnect the diagnostic interface from your vehicle.
    • Close the WINKFP software.
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